AML Synaptics

AML Synaptics

AML Compliance Automation

AML Compliance End to End

Specifically built to manage and meet legislative requirements around AML and Risk Management.

Advanced integration into the leading global practice management systems and able to integrate with ant 3rd party system.

One of the few AML solutions on the market that does end to end AML well.

Now has a proven record of being in operation at the largest law firms in New Zealand since July 2018.

Lowers operating costs by reducing the number staff required to run and management AML Compliance.

Configurable to follow your firms internal procedures and policies to meet compliance needs. Automated processes to highlight risks and possible AML scenarios.

Work and Matter type risk assessment due diligence processes allow full coverage for recording and audit needs in an Ongoing Due Diligence program.

Automated processes to check existing client due diligence levels on an ongoing basis.

Configurable API's allow for integration into third party verification services to get central feedback on Client Due Diligence procedures.

Our Open API environment allows for integration into most PMS and other systems.

Centrally control the acceptance of new clients in a large or small corporate environment with the controls to vet and monitor AML/CFT compliance while not hindering the level of service to your clients.

An adaptable environment allowing for easy changing of CDD process and reporting back to government legislation monitors and reporting entities.

We can tailor this solution to your needs as we specialise in Automation building blocks. Trigger new client and new matter processes that already exist in your own PMS.

Our managed processes can assist in the tracking and reporting of:

New Client/Existing Client and Staff Onboarding Due Diligence Process

  • All CDD Level tracking and automatic changing of CDD levels as clients answer questions.

  • Paperless work flowed environment.

  • Enforce client identification verification with third party instant feedback from government databases.

  • Manage centrally client verification compliance and reporting.

  • Integrated system allowing e-mail and document tracking.

  • Integration into central financial and legal systems.

  • Clarification of a trusted referee involved in the business/financial transaction.

  • Risk level logic engine automates many of the manual decisions.


Work Type/Matter Risk Assessment

  • Field experts at the firm can update risk assessments on new instructions and existing.

  • Automated CDD re-check on the Client at the same time.

  • Further custom questions can be defined for more details on transaction types and levels.

Electronic Identity Verification

  • Tracking and recording of the electronic identity and the subsequent verification

  • Tracking of the reference to address as identity verification to assist in the due diligence process.

  • Searching of any related system in relation to the identify clarification.

  • Electronic address verification

  • Can integrate with external verification agent services

Built for any size organization in any Region

  • Large organization get the visibility of all client and risk assessment processes centrally

  • Can integrate into existing financial and practice management systems

  • Can be run standalone

  • All related e-mails and documents are stored with every tracking process

  • Use your own requirements document templates for entity completion

  • Manage centrally all Non-Compliance requests

  • Our open design allows for the defining and building of CDD and Risk Assessment processes in relation to any country in the world

  • Multi-tenanted design allows for multiple regions and countries can be managed and run on one central setup


Fully Encrypted and secure environment

  • All documents and Data is stored in the secure and encrypted database store

  • Security model can be extended to Device MAC address register to enhanced access

  • Full User Access controlled environment

  • 256 AES Encryption used


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